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We create software
that will help your business grow

About us.

We started providing outsourced development services since December 2018. We are focused on delivering outstanding software solutions to our customers. We also plan to create high quality and affordable SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for different businesses. We use Scrum, which ensures that we deliver our products in timely manner


We create detailed plan for each project and confirm it with the customer. After that we create 2-week plans (sprints)


We design every pixel of UI with the customer, give useful advices and offering the best UI/UX practices


We use SCRUM - which means that we provide updates to the client every day, review code and validate product at least once a week

What we do


Don't know where to start? No problem - you can ask us. Our team will analyze your business needs and give you valuable advice

Web & Software development

Got a business idea, which requires website or software? - We can build a solution which will satisfy all your business needs


Need an e-commerce solution? - Don't waste your time and money - we have our own e-commerce engine, which can be optimized according to your needs in no-time

Mobile Development

Need a mobile app? - We can do it for you. We use React Native to write applications for iOS and Android platforms

Qualified professionals

Otto Mamestsarashvili

Software&Web Developer

Levan Ilashvili

Software&Web Developer

Sopho Nanievi

Project Manager